What's in my


When I work on my projects, whether they are personal or commercial, I use most of the Creative Cloud's tools.

Since I first started using 3D software, I use BLENDER. I started using it, because it's free and I continued using it, because it's such a great program.

Once I got my iPad, I started using PROCREATE, Vectornator and other creative tools.
I also got some basic experience with: Ableton, Affinity Designer, CINEMA4D, HTML, CSS, Java and Python.



...but I do speak ENGLISH and GERMAN indeed.

Moin, I'm Glissi a.k.a. David and I drink my coffee at 3am before going to bed.

I started investing my time in studying Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Blender around 2012, which was inevitably the beginning of my creative journey.

After graduating university with a degree in Communications Design and Art Direction in 2020 I have worked at Factor for almost two years before starting to work as a freelance designer in February 2022.

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